Happy Anniversary Bigfoot! It's been 5 years this month since Bigfoot aka Sasquatch was last reported in Stearns County. Let's go back and take a look at the report filed by the witness with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

It was December 2017, the witness stated that he was driving back from his father-in-law's and it was around 9:30pm. The witness told BFRO that his headlights illuminated the creature, which was traveling east to west across the road. It appeared to be coming from the river area and was going back to the woods.

The encounter was said to have taken place on County Road 1, about 20 miles from Rice. On top of the sighting of Bigfoot, in January 2018 the same individual heard what was described as a vocalization while he was at his home.

Looking further at the report from the BFRO, the same person also spotted a footprint near Onamia in the fall of 2017. But the interviewer with BFRO thought the track left could actually be from a bear rather than a 'squatch.

So do we have a Sasquatch hiding out in the woods here in Stearns County? Could it have been something else that this witness saw that December evening, crossing the road? Maybe.

I honestly have a thought that something like Bigfoot or a Sasquatch COULD exist, namely as scientists continue to find new species of animals all the time.

You can go more in-depth with the sighting and report by heading to the BFRO website here.

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