The City of Anoka has welcomed additional businesses to its already-expanded Anoka Social District this year.

Billy's Bar and Grill and Wheelhouse restaurant have joined the list of licensed establishments after their applications were approved by the Anoka City Council last night (5/6/24).

City of Anoka's 2024 Social District FAQs

  • the social district is "... a specific area which allows visitors, age 21 or older, to purchase and drink beer, wine, and cocktails from a licensed business and to sip and stroll throughout the district, which include common areas such as sidewalks, parks, and streets during social district events and activities."
  • the social district will be open from 10am to 10pm daily
  • the tunnel under the Main Street Bridge is included
City of Anoka, Minnesota via Facebook
City of Anoka, Minnesota via Facebook

A Fantastic Way to Enjoy a Minnesota Summer

Even just a regular summer day strolling through the Social District in Anoka's beautiful downtown area is enticing. The City of Anoka is planning events in the Social District to enhance the experience.

Sometimes, adult beverages on the beach or in the backyard just won't cut it. Change up your routine and check out the sights of Anoka's Social District this summer while supporting local businesses like:

  • 10K Brewing
  • 201 Tavern Beer Garden & Grill
  • Ambi Wine Bar
  • Anoka Hardware Store
  • Billy's Bar and Grill
  • Casa Rio Tex Mex Restaurant
  • Club 300 & Nucky's Speakeasy
  • Danno's Ibiza West
  • MaGillycuddy's
  • Serum's Good Time Emporium
  • Wheelhouse

Events and more information about the Social District can be found on the City of Anoka's website.

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