If you are one of those people who likes to buy in bulk, or to just get some better deals on some things while also paying a membership fee to get those deals, you will be happy to know that there might be another Costco members only store coming to the area.

There have been some proposed plans to open another Costco in the Otsego area - basically Albertville.

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Before the Costco in St. Cloud opened up, the location in Maple Grove was one of the busiest stores. I happened to be shopping there one weekend (which admittedly wasn't the best idea on a Saturday), one of the employees mentioned that they were very excited about the Costco in St. Cloud opening because it would alleviate some of the crowd and how busy they were.  Give them some relief, in other words.

Maybe that didn't work quite as well as they would have liked?  Because now with this new Costco that has been planned, that would place this new store in between Maple Grove and St. Cloud.  But it also might be very easy to get to being that it would be right along I-94, easy access.  And a great location for people who are driving through and would like to stop for some cheaper gas - if they are a member.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal had the news earlier this week.  Right now, this is just an application for development.  But chances are that it will be approved, and once that happens, we could see another Costco within a year or so.

This would also create more jobs for people in the area.  Costco has traditionally been known for treating their employees very well with competitive compensation and benefit package.

More news on when and exactly where should be coming within the near future.

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