Here we go.  There was a poll of NFL fans and which stadium they felt was the best one in the country for the best fan experience.  We are talking what is the best one (according to them) of ALL of the stadiums that football teams play in.  Guess what came in first....


Yep.  Lambeau in Green Bay - actually Ashwaubenon, but that's splitting hairs.  Now, here is the thing.  It ranked as number one on this list because of the "fan experience".  I have been to Lambeau, many times.  Being that I lived in Green Bay for 4 years, it was a thing that you would do.  There are several events that happen there besides football games.  I've only been there for a football game once.  It was pretty cool, honestly, but one thing that I found as a bad thing is actually the seating.  Why are we still having to sit on aluminum bleacher type seats in a big 'ol NFL stadium?  If you ask a native Packer fan, you will get the answer of "it's tradition".  "Lambeau is built in tradition, and that is what we do."  But, do we really HAVE to?  Granted, you can either bring a seat with you or purchas one of the seats that they have there for rent.  You just slide it on to the aluminum bleacher seat and now you have a back, and your butt isn't sitting on the cold aluminum.  Because that is the other thing - IT'S COLD!!!

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Why do fans love this stadium so much?  Again, the answer will be tradition.  I'd rather be comfortable without the hand and feet warmers.  Or the electric socks.  You know why those were invented?  Lambeau.  (kidding)

Anyway, US Bank Stadium didn't even crack the top 5.  Although, it is farly new, so that might play into it.

The other stadiums that were in the top 5 as having a great fan experience:



LUCAS OIL STADIUM in Indianapolis, IN


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