Here we go again... maybe it was a lot better when we all just used cash or a check.  Now, in the world of all credit cards and/or debit cards, we get this stuff.

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Here is the latest one:

The "company" happens to be Landry.  They own about 60 different restaurants.  They are based in Houston, Texas, but some of their restaurants are here in Minnesota.  So, if you have been to someplace like the Mall of America, where a few of these restaurants are located, make sure to check your credit card/debit card account to make sure there isn't an issue.

Generally, when I've had any issue like this, the bank will catch it and call and ask if these are legit charges.  Not sure that this was done in a way that would have been flagged or not.  This is a list of the restaurants that Landry owns.

Hopefully you are in the clear, but it doesn't hurt to check.

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