During the Winter months, one of the things that most people look forward to is getting out of Minnesota, or the Midwest in general, and go somewhere warmer.  If even just for a week.  It breaks up the Winter and gives us a recharge of your batteries.  It helps even people who can't stand Winter get through those long and cold Winter months.  If you love Winter... yes, there are those people too... it's still great to get out and enjoy Summer like weather for a short period of time.  It breaks up the Winter.

If you are planning a Winter getaway, you are probably flying.  Mostly because you have to go pretty far South in order to get some real Summer - type weather.  I'm talking 85+ degrees.  That means Mexico.  So, you'd probably fly.

If you are flying...and this means anytime you are flying...there are some etiquette rules that are universal that you need to follow, or you are going to be "that guy" or "that person".

A poll taken by yougov.com found that most people think that f you are sitting in the window seat, you don't have full control over the shade.   I feel like if you are sitting in the window seat and the sun is in your eyes, or whatever the reason is that you are sitting there, you have full right to shut that shade.  At least half way.  But that is me.  They make you raise the shade for landing anyway, so what's the big deal?  If you wanted to see outside, you should have booked the window seat.  Right?

How about those armrests in the middle seat?  Are they both for the person who got stuck sitting there?  Only 16% of people think that they are both for the middle seat person.  61% of people think that people should have equal parts.  So you would need to share, again.  But you could be "That guy" again, and just hog both of them.  Although an argument could be made that the aisle and the window seat person both have at least one arm rest that is all theirs.  So... just go with what makes everyone ok in your row.  Personally I feel like the person who gets stuck with the middle seat should be able to have both armrests if they want them.  It's a small thing compared to being stuck in that seat.  No one wants that thing.

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And finally, what is the level of conversation on a flight with strangers?  Like what is too much and now you're just being that annoying person?

According to this poll, most people think that you can exchange pleasantries and that's it!  A low percentage, 4%, think it's ok to talk the entire flight.  And just slightly above that at 11% think that you shouldn't talk at all.  That's a little rude.  At least say hi to your seat mates. But more than that... probably not.  Unless you need to get up, then yes, say "excuse me".  And don't get up excessively.  That is SO irritating.  So, you should have booked an aisle seat if you have an issue.  Just saying.  Plan ahead if you can.

Travel well!

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