Driving.  It's one of those things that most people look forward to... getting your license after sitting in classes, learning the rules of the road. Then hours behind the wheel learning how to apply what you've learned in class.

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I just read that Gen Z isn't as interested in getting a drivers license as previous generations were.  But if you see some of the things that have been happening on the road recently, I can see why it might not be a high priority anymore... at least to some.

The thing that I have noticed lately that I always though everyone knew was that you can turn right on a red light, when traffic is clear, unless there is a sign telling you that it is not allowed at that particular intersection.

I have sat behind so many people lately who seem to not know this simple rule.  I've even given a little tap on the horn (not laying on the thing) just to let them know that they can go.  And I have seen some people pointing to the red light.  Yeah, you also have your turn signal on, and, with the assumption that you are planning to make a right turn, you can go!

Is this type of thing not taught anymore?  Is this something that people do not understand?  I understand that it's not something you HAVE to do, you have every right to just sit there until the light turns green.  But if you can go, and get traffic moving, why wouldn't you go?

This is just something that is sticking out to me right now because it's happend several times in the last couple of weeks.  And it's not all one group of people, either, older, young drivers, everyone.


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