The NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL have all been OBSESSED with tweaking their sports to make games shorter and more exciting.  But Apple has a new idea:  Just eliminate whole games altogether.

For about a year, they've been loosely developing a service that would curate sports highlights in REAL TIME . . . so that, in theory, you'd see the best moments that are happening across all sports at any given time.

"Sports Illustrated" describes it as 'RedZone for everything' . . . referencing the NFL's channel that shows the most exciting / scoring plays from every game, which is especially useful if you play fantasy football.

For the record, nothing is imminent.  Apple's research into this is reportedly in the "first inning."

It's unclear how they'd even get the rights to all these video feeds . . . how they'd determine what was most significant in real-time . . . and how they'd provide enough context to allow people to understand that significance.

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