The only bad thing about Fall in Minnesota is the fact that the next thing is Winter in Minnesota.

Years ago when I was working a telemarketing job, I would call people in the Southern part of the country and when they would ask where we were calling from I would tell them Minnesota.  Their response, and I heard this from several people, "do y'all ever get rid of your snow"?  Yes, ma'am, as a matter of fact, we do.

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As we all know, Minnesota gets all extremes.  Heat and cold.  But the heat is never news because people all over the country deal with the heat, not the cold.  So, they don't get to really take notice of the heat that happens in Minnesota.  Heat, humidity and mosquitos.

Having all four seasons is great.  But my favorite one is Fall/Autumn.  I love the colors, hoodie weather, and crunching around in the leaves during a hike in the woods.

There are some very pretty areas to visit in Minnesota.  Especially in the Fall.


Minnehaha Falls is located in Minneapolis.  For awhile this summer, the falls had all but dried up because of the drought, but it is now flowing again with all the rain we have gotten recently.  There are some fun trails around the falls, and lots of fall colors to enjoy with the wooded areas.  Plus, it's relatively close to St. Cloud.


This area is located North of Duluth.  It's a place that we used to go do every year as kids on a camping trip.  So fun to visit in the Fall; make sure to bring a great camera.  So many photo opportunities. There are also many waterfalls to visit, along with many trails to hike.


...another destination in the Two Harbors area that every Minnesotan should see once. Visiting the park itself offers spectacular views of Lake Superior from the lighthouse. But if you want views of the lighthouse on its perch above the lake, you'll want to stop at one of the many viewing areas nearby. Either way, you'll have unforgettable views of autumn leaves.


Somehow I feel like most areas that we think are great for hiking and taking awesome pictures are in Northern Minnesota.  And this is another one of those.  If you are willing to unplug and just relax and enjoy, the BWCA is the best area for that.


Finally - something in Southern Minnesota.  This state park is gorgeous.  It's located in Winona, Minnesota.  When I was living in the Rochester area, this is one of the places we would go and check out when we wanted to see brilliant colors in the Fall, as well as some other great landscapes.  Anytime I can get out and hike a beautiful area and not be too hot or too cold, I am IN!  Some areas are just kind of boring, I never think that I would get bored with this type of a backdrop.

What other places would you add to the list?

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