This is such a cool show.  If you have watched it, you see what kind of not only physical, but mental capability it takes to make it through all the rounds.  BUT- if you think you can do this, you will have your chance!

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If you just want to watch others "try" and do this- you can!  Just follow this link and you can get tickets.  Win or lose, I think it would be a ton of fun to watch this happen.

Minneapolis will be hosting a qualifying round this May at US Bank Stadium.  There will be about 20 new obstacles for you to show off your skills.  If you make it past this round you will be able to continue on at other rounds that happen across the country.

(Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)

How cool would it be to have someone from Minnesota make it all the way to the final round and actually maybe even win the thing?  There has really only been one person to actually win the entire thing.  You can have the best time by people going as far as you have, but there has only been one person who has actually completed the entire course and won!  Crazy, right?

Minnesota round of qualifying happens May 25th and 26th at US Bank Stadium, and will air this summer on NBC- Kare11.