The fishing opener... one of those days where you probably feel like you HAVE to go out and fish.  And big question- why does this day always, or at least usually fall on the same weekend as Mother's Day?  It seems weird... unless you are a mother who likes to go out and fish.  Mine never really did.  It's supposed to be that day where you kind of wait on your mom, you help her out, basically give her a day off.  Then comes the fishing opener.  Seems like the two don't go together.

Fishing concepts.

This year, according to the DNR, fishing license purchases are down from last year.  Why is that?  The obvious answer to me is that Winter went on for an extended period of time.  Took forever for all the lakes to have ice out.  I mean a few of them only had that happen like a week and a half ago.  That is a record or at least close to it in some cases.  It almost seemed like should we even bother at this point? We're still going to be ice fishing at the rate that this is going.

Maybe things will increase within the next day or so... catch your limit and remember MOM!!!  Don't bring her fish to fry up or grill.  Actually get her something nice.

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