I'm not horsing around (or am I?). Neigh: DWI/DUI laws vary from state to state. That includes your mode of transportation to get home.

So how do I get home after getting hammered without getting a DUI? Besides a taxi/Uber/Lyft/Wryder/whatever...

Can I Get a DUI While Riding a Horse in Minnesota?

No. In Minnesota, you need to be driving a motorized vehicle to get a DUI. Horses - while possessing horsepower - don't have engines. Neither do bicycles.

E-bikes (electric bikes), however, are considered motorized vehicles. So are lawnmowers, golf carts, go karts, etc.

This isn't to say you can't get into legal trouble if you're tooling about on a bicycle drunker than John Bonham on a day that ends in y. You're still risking a public intoxication charge.

Banging Bonzo
Non-motorized drums are okay! (Getty Images)

Be safe, get a designated driver or a rideshare, or just get hammered at home. Just wait until tomorrow before mowing the lawn.

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H/T: Guardian Interlock

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