Never let it be said that old dog rockers can't appreciate a new take on one of their favorites. If you're  in that camp that wants to hear new versions or revamped versions of our warm and familiar classic rock standards, then you'll appreciate this 'mash-up'.

Normally when you think mash-up, you think a video, that's how the kids today are doing it. I remember back in radio school hanging with a guy from Baltimore named Tracy.

He told me about this new form of music that was popular on the streets in his neighborhood back east where you take parts of songs and put them together and then form poetry-like lyrics. We now know this as Rap.

I gave him a bunch of my classic rock albums and told him to try it with this stuff. Weeks later he gave me a cassette with lots of interesting mixes of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and the like. I couldn't tell you where that tape went.  It became a delicacy at frequent parties,  as my radio career careened thru the 80's and early 90's. I 'm sure I borrowed it to someone to make a copy and it disappeared into time.

But just today, thanks to my buddy Greg, I was exposed to a mash-up that reminded me of those long party nights reaching for the Jack and hooka. Kick back, crank it up and prepare to be spellbound-

Put together by someone named Mixes and Mashups #21

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