The Loon and Leinenkugel's are teaming up for our own private Oktoberfest and you're invited! We’re bringing a busload of Loonies to the Leinie’s Lodge in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin for a brewery tour, sampling and a cook-out on Saturday, October 6th! If you're one of the lucky winners, here's what you and your friend will experience:

  • Private brewery tour and get introduced to 145 years of craft beer brewing & Leinie family history.
  • Sample Leinenkugels award-winning beers in the Leinie's Lodge.
  • Barbecue @ the Lodge with the Leinie's crew and the LOON's Sloan and Mark Alan.
  • Take home Leinie Lodge gear.

Starting Monday September 10th, listen Monday thru Thursday between 5pm and 6pm to The All-Request Leinie’s One for the Road with Sloan, for your chance to get on the Loony Leinie’s Lodge Bus- and you and a friend will be sippin’ fresh brew in the crisp Northwoods of Wisconsin with the Loon crew.

Join us out here for the LOON’s Oktoberfest with Leinenkugel’s!  Starting on October 24th, you can also become a Loyal Looner and enter to win the last two spots (one for you, one for a friend) on the bus.

Important legal stuff and such:

YOU MUST BE 21 to ENTER, TO WIN AND TO GET ON THE BUS. WE WILL BE CHECKING ID'S BEFORE WE LOAD. This trip is non-transferrable, so if you enter, and you win, YOU go. Don't enter for someone else! We have room for 15 Loon listeners and one guest each (WHO ALSO HAS TO BE 21!). The bus will leave The LOON Studios parking lot (640 Lincoln Ave SE) at 9am sharp. It's a three hour ride, so we want to get there on time!

Check out some of the fun we'll have at the Leinie's Lodge in this video of the 9th annual Leinie's Family Reunion this past summer.

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