I heard the news this morning that Quaker (parent company) will be changing the name of Aunt Jemima Syrup and will also be replacing the image on the packaging.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw TSM St Cloud

This brand was actually formed in the 1800s.  In 1889, owners Chris Rutt and Charles Underwood developed this pancake mix.  They had been inspired by a black storyteller by the name of Nancy Green.  This is according to the company's website.  "Aunt Jemima" had been born into slavery as the story goes.  And her picture on the packaging resembled that character.

Quaker Oats aquired the brand in 1926...and kept the same sort of imaging.  But by 1989, they did remove the kerchief from her head and Aunt Jemima's image was changed.  She now had some pearl earrings and also some loose curls, no head scarf.

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But with the recent protests, riots regarding racial equality and Black Lives Matter, Quaker has decided to change the image along with the name of the pancake mix and syrup.  What the name and imaging will be...that has not yet been announced.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw TSM St. Cloud

I am feeling like this is just the beginning of some changes that we can expect to see.  Along with Aunt Jemima syrup, there has been the staple of Mrs Butterworth's Syrup. That bottle not only has imaging on it... the whole bottle is the image.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw
TSM St. Cloud

Uncle Ben's rice will probably be changing somethings as well.  I'm not sure about the name... but I think we can safely say that the imaging will be changing.

Recently, Land O Lakes changed the imaging of the Native American girl that has been represented on all of their packaging for over 100 years.  Now, there is no image other that a sunrise and the logo minus the Native American girl.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw TSM St. Cloud

Do you feel like these imaging changes are enough?  Or is this just a small step in marketing towards a very large change that is needed?

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