Last night (Tuesday Dec. 6th) Dustin and I went to St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center to be mystified by the lovely Stevie Nicks & The Pretenders - check out some photos from the show here!

All my life I have been a huge Fleetwood Mac fan. So naturally, when I found out Stevie was coming to Minnesota, I just had to go see her! I was absolutely delighted with her performance. Honestly, you could not tell that she is now 68 years old!

Right off the bat, Stevie told us that this show was not going to be a show where she just plays her hits. Last night, we heard a lot of tracks that never even made it on albums, and was entertained for the entire 2 1/4 hour show with some personal stories - and why these deep tracks were important to her. It was a lovely, magical and mystical night in downtown St. Paul - all thanks to the Witchy Woman.

Ava Lynn, Townsquare Media
Ava Lynn, Townsquare Media

Also, The Pretenders rocked just as hard as they did in their hay-day. I definitely loved the combination of the two for this tour, and we even had Chrissy join Stevie in a duet. It was an amazing night!

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