During the winter months, sometimes kids can get some kind of cabin fever.  This particular winter seems to be starting out a bit differently, but we all know what is coming... probably soon.  Cold weather! And if we don't get any snow, it's just cold with nothing to do outside.  If we do get some snow, then there is something to do, but when it's too cold, it's time to find some fun indoor things to do.

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There is a great indoor amusement park that has a location in Coon Rapids.  There is also a location in Plymouth.  Both are just about an hour from St. Cloud.  An easy drive, and if it gets the kids running, jumping, playing and wears them out, that's a great day.

The the Urban Air Adventure Park.  And starting for the new year, they have a great deal if you buy a membership.  You can get the first month for free!  Yes, this place offers memberships.

What can you do there?  There is a Drop Zone.  This offers a giant inflatable airbag which allows kids to jump around, do flips and spins, and whatever else they can do while landing on a huge air bag.  There is a Sky Rider. This harnesses kids in so that they can "fly" around.  They can also choose to climb around on a rope course or a rock wall.  There are also slides, trampolines, battle with big foamy beams over a fun foam pit, games and a warrior pit.  See how you could start training for the American Ninja Warrior courses.  Well, that might be a stretch, but still cool.

All in all, it's a great fun place for kids to play all day, safely.  Great winter activites to get kids out of the house and active!

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