If you are like me... or if you couldn't find the remote when it was on, you may have watched a slight bit of the Royal Wedding last weekend.  BORING!

Man, all I could do is think about how awful it must be to actually be the people getting married.  Most long, drawn out thing EVER!!!  Everything took too long, including the walk Meghan Markle had to do to the alter.  Good Grief!!  Hope she was wearing comfortable shoes.  I'm surprised no one passed out.  You can be sure someone would have had the ceremony been here in the states.  Like a "normal" wedding.  Just too long.  And I'm guessing that not everyone... in fact, probably most people couldn't hear what the couple was saying to each other.  Granted, some of it was sweet whispers to each other.. but inquiring minds what to know.  Thank goodness we have You Tube!

I give you... an episode of Bad Lip Reading featuring the Royal Wedding.

Makes it all kind of worth it, right?  My day has now been made.

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