You may have lost some or all of your hair and may feel just a little cheated by Mother Nature. Well don't! Mother Nature has a reason for everything.

To embrace your baldness, you must first realize that losing your hair may just be nature's way of telling you that you were getting too good looking. Obviously, an effort to even out the gene pool. Also, losing your hair may just mean you are more evolved that your hairy friends.

With that said, here are 5 good things about being bald.

1) No combs, brushes, shampoo or any of that other high maintenance crap.

2) No "bed head," ever.

3) No dandruff.

4) Subconsciously, women see you as a giant phallic symbol.

5) And finally, you are virtually invisible to shallow women.

So, there you go! Embrace your lack of hair and take you place among your bald and beautiful brothers.

Next week's article will investigate why the hair that no longer grows on your head, instead grows in your nose, ears and on your back.