A veteran whose World War II exploits were depicted in 8 episodes of the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, has died. According to his family, after suffering a heart attack last month, 90 year old Lt. Lynn "Buck" Compton died Saturday in Washington state.  Compton is also remembered for his long legal career in California, most notably heading up the team that prosecuted Sirhan Sirhan for the slaying of Robert F. Kennedy.

Born in LA in 1921, Compton enlisted in the Army in February of 1943 after a successful college football career at UCLA. In December of that year he was assigned to the 101st Airborne's Easy Company. He was awarded a Silver Star for Gallantry due to his selfless actions as part of the D-Day Landing. He stayed with Easy up until he was wounded in The Market Garden Operation. After recuperating, and receiving The Purple Heart, he returned to Easy Co. and participated in The Battle Of The Bulge, but was eventually shipped out due to a severe case of trenchfoot.

Compton's transition to civilian life included a stint as a Detective for the LAPD from '47-'51 and then 20 years in the DA's Office, where he was assigned the Kennedy case. In 1990, he retired from the legal system as a judge on the California Courts of Appeal, a 1970 appointment from then Gov. Ronald Reagan.

Compton was portrayed in the miniseries by Neil McDonough (pictured with Compton above), best known for his roles in Steven Speilberg projects.

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