When I watched this I thought "what would I do?" I'm still not sure. If you're sitting at a bar and someone comes in with a gun to rob the place, I'd probably do what most of these people did. Drop to the floor and hope that person doesn't mess with me. I mean, I've got no stake in this. It's not my bar. And after all, it is just money.

Well, this guy in the video decided, I'm not doing anything. I'm not even going to move. I'm just going to sit here and have my drink. And that's what he did. He even lights up a smoke while the whole robbery is going down. Even while the guy next to him is getting robbed of his wallet, he still just sits there like...meh.

It seemed like the guy robbed everyone but him. Maybe that's the approach to take. Like him...just give zero...well, you know.



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