I wouldn't have believed a website like this could possibly exist until I saw it for myself. If you've ever wanted to own an exotic car, you may be able to buy one affordably!

My website of the week is www.wreckedexotics.com, a website that lists a ton of high performance sports cars of all kinds from all over the world, that were in a wreck! Their mission is to document every exotic car crash in the world and to reduce reckless driving by showing the consequences of speeding.

They show the wreck photo(s), tell about the crack, and also explain who owned the vehicle (if it's known, or a celebrity) and have everything categorized really well based on: country, car type, celebrity crash, etc.

The website is totally going consume your entire day looking at it, so be warned...it's addicting to look at.

Who knows, maybe you could get your hands on a Ferrari pretty cheap!

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