You know what’s weird? I’m a die hard fan of all things rock-n-roll, have been playing guitar for roughly 12 years, and I’ve only ever been to one music festival. This realization totally shocked me, but it’s true. In nearly 25 years of being alive, I’ve only made time in my life to attend one music fest.

But I’ve made a conscious decision to fix that problem. My summer 2018 will be filled with more live music. One festival that I’ve been reading about that I’m really looking forward to is Basilica Block Party. Wanna know why? Because Prince’s band – The Revolution, just so happens to be books to perform.

Pretty awesome. Not to mention Cake, Third Eye Blind, and several local arts will also be playing there. There’s definitely a solid lineup of talent. Basilica Block Party takes place July 6th-7th in downtown Minneapolis and you can get your tickets online right now. A one day ticket is only $60 and two day tickets are $110.

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