In The Attic this morning,one of the most high tempo, rock-style songs that this progressive group recorded. It's also unusual in that it was fronted by Lenny Zakatek - most of their songs featured Eric Woolfson as lead singer. A song about what people do, the games they play to get what they want. A very fitting song for today's world. Just imagine .if you could just naturally trust everything without worrying about the motives of other people. It's very taxing judging what is the honest truth and what is a manipulation by someone to achieve their mission. I doubt the world will ever be free of the games people play. My dad once told me the world was fueled by bullsh*t.  On a side note, did you know Alan Parsons was the producer on Pink Floyd's "Money"? Well, now you do. If you should ever have a request for The Attic, email it to