Some Badfinger in The Attic this morning. Badfinger was the most successful band signed to the Beatle's Apple label, besides the Beates of course. Later the band signed with Warner Brothers Records. All the success did them little good due to financial dealings of their manager Stan Polley. Contracts drawn up by Polley restricted what and where the band could play. Their first album for Warner Brothers was pulled from the market due to a lawsuit filed by Warner Brothers against manager Stan Polley. With nowhere to go because of the pending lawsuit and their second album for Warner Brothers being rejected, also because of the legal action against their manager, two members of the band ended up hanging themselves. These suicides were a sad ending to a great band. On a side note, Badfinger began their climb about the time of the "Paul is dead" rumor. People thought Paul was in fact singing for Badfinger, which of course was untrue. Since their was no internet or social media back then, it was difficult to dismiss such rumors.