Ozzy and Black Sabbath in The Attic this morning. They say this song is about marijuana but I can't imagine Ozzy and the boys would be messing around with such a dangerous substance.  Seriously though, rumor has it Ozzy and the band dabbled in quite a variety of illicit substances back in the early days of Black Sabbath. The coughing sound in the beginning of the song is Tony Iommi doing his best "big hit of pot" cough. You have to wonder how Qzzy has managed to survive this long. Granted he may have suffered some brain damage and his drug use may even be responsible for his other afflictions, but I'm no doctor. The real cool guitar riff at the end of the song is actually from Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention's "Hungry Freaks,Daddy" song.  The name Sweet Leaf came from when the band was on tour in Ireland and on a pack of cigarettes the saw the term "from the sweet leaf. They thought that was a good name for pot and a song is born.