In The Attic I chose this video because, well, it's just fun to watch stoned girls dance. Don't judge! It's s beautiful May morning in St Cloud and I just felt Canned Heat would be the way to go today. Canned Heat was a very unique band with a very unique sound. You know a Canned Heat song when you hear it. Canned Heat had the ability to blend the blues and acid rock together to obtain their very own sound. in the last four plus decades there have been a few changes in the band. The current lineup includes all three surviving members of the classic lineup: de la Parra  first joining in 1967), Mandel, and Taylor. For much of the 1990s and 2000s, de la Parra was the only original member the 60's lineup.He penned a book about the band',called Living the Blues. Larry Taylor, whose time spent in the band has been less than steady is the other surviving member from the earliest lineups. Mandel, Walter trout and Junior Watson, the guitarists who gained fame for playing in later editions of the band.  As always, we welcome your suggestions for Baxter's Attic. Just email them to