One of my favorites from the late 60's, classic Cream.  Cream is called by many the first "Super group". With band members like guitarist extraordinaire Eric Clapton, brilliant bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker, how could they go wrong?  "Spoonful" is off of Cream's album "Fresh Cream" released in 1966. Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce had always had a volatile relationship and with all the touring it got worse and Clapton was often called upon to be the peacemaker. They managed to put out three great albums using their mixture of British psychedelic rock and American blues. Clapton, of course, went on to a very successful career. Ginger Baker formed Ginger Baker's Air Force and Jack Bruce went onto various projects over the next decades. Bruce claimed he was pretty much set for life after Creams success in the 60's. As always, any suggestions for The Attic can be sent to