Deep Purple in The Attic this morning. From the album that also produced great songs like "Smoke on the Water" and "Space Truckin" we threw on "Highway Star". This song originally started out as a joke. A reporter was on Depp Purple's bus and asked how they write their songs. Jokingly, Richie Blackmore started playing a riff and Ian improvised some lyrics. Years ago, at a party I had the opportunity to talk at length with Roger Glover of Deep Purple. I old him that when "Smoke on the Water" hit the radio airwaves, every bar band must have played it at least twice a night. Glover told me when they were working on Machine Head they spent about six weeks perfecting "Highway Star. "Smoke on the water" was a filler.  He said they needed one more song to finish the album and threw "Smoke on the Water" together in about 45 minutes.