In The Attic this morning, a song I haven't heard in a long time., Don Felder's "Heavy Metal".  This song is from the 1984 animated film by the same name. Don Felder, of course, guitarist for The Eagles until 2001 and the guy that wrote "Hotel California". Felder also wrote a boodk about his time with The Eagles which didn't make Don Henley very happy. Henley thought putting all that behind the scenes stuff out in public might damage the band's brand. In the book Felder talks about a lot of stuff but my favorite story was about Joe Walsh. Back in Walsh's drinking and drugging days, he once requested adjoining rooms at a hotel. None were available which pissed Walsh off, so he sent a roadie out to buy a chainsaw and proceeded to cut a large hole in his hotel room wall, thus creating adjoining rooms. Ah, the good ol' days of rock and roll.