In The Attic this morning an artist that had his heyday in the mid sixties with a string of hits. Donavon was known as the Hurdy Gurdy Man. Along with "Hurdy Gurdy Man", "Sunshine Superman" and "Season of the Witch" and more Donavon had his biggest hit with "Mellow Yellow". "Mellow Yellow" was rumored to be about smoking banana peels to get high when in reality it was about a big yellow vibrator. Donavon also was the first rock star to be arrested for possession of marijuana. Obviously, that's not all he was doing. Evidently, the English press had a habit of informing to the police about any drug use they witnessed during interviews. In fact, they are the ones that ratted to the cops about the party at Keith Richard's house that ended in the arrest of Richard's and Jagger. Those two were able to travel to the US soon after while Donavon was not admitted into this country until 1967.