In The Attic this Friday the 13th morning, some Eric Clapton doing a song written by the master, Bob Dylan. Dylan, in my humble opinion, has to be one of the best lyric writers of our generation. When asked on a 60 Minutes interview, how was he able to write all those great songs back in the day? Dylan replied, he couldn't remember and didn't know who wrote those songs. Granted things may have been a bit foggy in the sixties and seventies but i think we can come to a conclusion that Dylan wrote these great tunes. And Clapton, has managed to establish a great career spanning decades. One of the bset shows I've ever seen was Clapton at the Tampa Sun Dome.  Not only is Clapton great to see but he puts together a fantastic band before he hits the road. At that particular concert a guy was found dead in his seat after everyone had left. They figured he probably went during the encore, "Layla"   -Baxter