It's going to be sunny and 82 today on this Free Beer Friday. Had to pull out some Zappa, just had to. This tune is from my favorite Zappa album "Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention Live at the Filmore. I bought this album when it first came out and liked it. In fact, I liked it more every time I listened to it. Frank was such an interesting guy. I saw an interview with Zappa once where he was talking about not having a driver's license.  Frank said his license expired in 1963 and he just didn't feel like dealing with the DMV. Mother's of Invention, of course were Flo and Eddie from The Turtles. I really think someone should do a Broadway musical  based on this album. It has the feel of a rock opera. Hell, I'd go see it.  You just know it would be better than a lot of the crap there now.