A little Friday morning sneer from the Sneer Master, Billy Idol in The Attic this morning. I had a chance in the early 90's to meet Billy Idol. He had a show scheduled at the Orlando Arena and my assignment was to go early and interview Billy. All seemed to be going well, when all of a sudden Billy got real agitated and had me thrown out of his dressing room. I later found out that at the time Billy was struggling with addiction do to chronic leg pain from a motorcycle accident. Anyway, with the interview being a "no go" a group of us from the radio station decided to go out to the van and take a "break" before the show. While we were sitting in the station van taking a "break" a listener approached and asked if he could have a bumper sticker. Sure, why not? we thought. Well unknown to us there was a law about distributing anything outside the Orlando Arena. We were all escorted into a detention area inside the arena and held. After explaining that we were all ignorant about the law, and we were pretty "ignorant" by that point, we were released. So, in The Attic this morning, it's Billy Idol "Eyes Without a Face" -Baxter