Jackson Browne in The Attic this morning. This is the first single released from Jackson Browne's 1973 "For Everyman" album. This tune is full of double meanings. Although the back of the album cover list it as "Red Neck Friend, the single listed it as Redneck Friend". Browne had a lot of help on this song. Glenn Frey appeared on the record doing back up vocals, Elton John on Piano credited as Rockaday Johnnie because Elton didn't have his U.S. work permit yet. and David Lindley on slide guitar. Browne claims the song is about his good redneck friend, Gregg Allman.  Browne was a huge fan of the Allman Brothers Band. A year previous to this record Jackson Browne wrote a song for the Eagles, "Take it Easy" which became the first single for the Eagles. We play some great tunes in The Attic every weekday morning at 9:35. Should you have a suggestion for The Attic, email to baxter@1037theloon.com