I was looking through the loon music library this morning in search of a song for The Attic. i was looking for something I hadn't heard in a while. "Walk Away" by the James Gang just kind of jumped out at me. I remember in the early 70's The James Gang was scheduled to play in my hometown. This was a big deal because back then we didn't get a lot of big acts coming to town to perform. I got to the show right on time and waited for the band to take the stage. I waited and waited and waited some more. An hour later Joe Walsh and the rest of the band finally came on stage. I'm thinking, maybe they had some trouble on the road and that was the reason for their late start. Later i talked to a friend that worked at the mall in town and she told me that their was quite a scene at the mall that night as the band was out there doing some shopping, while they were supposed to be on stage. Pissed me off a little but I got over it in time. So, Joe Walsh and the James Gang in The Attic this morning.