In The Attic on kind of a gloomy Monday had to put on some classic Hendix. Jimi Hendrix was a very interesting man. Some people don't know that before Jimi's stardom, he was a paratrooper in the Army. When he was first starting out as a rock star, he was the opening act for none other than the Monkees. That fortunately ended soon enough after parents bringing their kids to see the Monkees weren't too impressed with Jimi's music.Who knows where Hendrix's career would have gone had he not died at the young age of 27. Would he be playing county fairs and casinos or would he still be riding the upper level of rock fame?  Jimi's friends say he really didn't care much about money. He continued to live in a studio apartment even after he could afford much better. To Hendrix, it was all about the music. He was constantly carrying his guitar with him.