Joe Bonamassa was a child guitar prodigy when he was 11 or 12 years old. Briefly, Joe played in a band called Bloodline.  Bloodline was made up of the sons of famous musicians, with the exception of Joe. The band featured the offspring of Robbie Kreiger (Doors), Miles Davis, Sammy Hagar and a few more were rotated in and out over the years. I brought Bloodline on stage once at a club when Joe Bonamassa was only 16. Known then as Smokin' Joe Bonamassa. Joe claims the first song he ever learned on the electric guitar was Clapton's "Further On Up the Road". and was thrilled to have Clapton join him on stage for the song as they performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Check it out, just the dueling guitars of Bonamassa and Clapton make it worth your while.