What a beautiful morning in Central Minnesota. Just felt a Joe Cocker kinda vibe this morning, so in The Attic it's "Feelin' Alright" by Joe Cocker. Joe Cocker had such a great career, although nobody really heard of him until his appearance at Woodstock in '69. Cocker's career started back in 1961 and he actually landed a record deal but due to poor promotion on the record company's part (Decca Records). Decca let Cocker's record contract lapse in 1964. Things didn't really take off for Joe until Woodstock. Joe does this song at Woodstock as well as several other covers by artists like The Beatles and more. "Feelin' Alright was written by Dave Mason of the band Traffic and they recorded it in 1968. The following year, Joe Cocker covered it and it became the most popular version of the song., Cocker performed this on Saturday Night Live.in 1976. John Belushi joined Cocker on stage doing his impersonation of Cocker's spastic stage movements. Cocker had no idea Belushi was going to come on stage, but wondered what was going on when John asked him before the show what he would be wearing on stage.