Certainly one the best rock bands ever in The Attic this morning. This cut "The Lemon Song" is from Zeppelin's second album, cleverly titled "Led Zeppelin II".  I only have one fairly interesting story concerning Led Zeppelin, or sort of. During the late 90's Robert Plant and Jimmy Page went on tour as Page/Plant. They were to play in Fargo and the radio station I worked for had a pair of front row tickets. We had this client that was a Page/Plant fanatic, so we decided to be nice people and give him the front row tickets to the show. About this same time the movie "Fargo" was being released on video. This client we gave the tickets to was the marketing person for a big video store. He took his wife to the concert and was very pleased to find that not only were the tickets front row but front row center. In his job this guy got a lot of promotional stuff from the video companies. He happened to were a t shirt to the show that just said FARGO, a promotional t shirt for the movie. About half way through the show a road called him over to the side and told him that Robert Plant had noticed his Fargo t shirt and wanted it.  He would be willing to give him four Page/Plant crew t shirts in exchange. The deal was made. So if you ever see Robert Plant wearing a Fargo t shirt, you'll know where he got it.