I know I'm not alone in rating Led Zeppelin as one of the top 3 rock bands of all time.

Every member of Zeppelin is a super talent in my book. Robert Plants vocals are amazing, John Paul Jones and John Bonhan make up a stellar rhythm section and the genius of Jimmy Page both on guitar and as producer in simply the best.

i regret not getting the chance to see Led Zeppelin live. But in rock and roll, you snooze you lose. You just never know when of your favorite rockers is going to drop dead. This could happen in any profession but it seems extremely likely in the rock world.

I did have the pleasure of meeting Jimmy Page and seeing Page and Plant in concert in the 90's, so there;s that.

Rumors still fly around about a Zeppelin reunion but i'm not holding my breath.

Enjoy "The Lemon Song"  from Zeppelin's second album.  One of their best, in my opinion.