What I love most about classic rock is it takes you back to good times in life. It's funny how a moment in time can be stamped with a certain song. It's like the soundtrack of your life. One of those very songs in The Attic this morning. Lee Michaels with "Do You Know What I Mean?". It takes me back to my senior year in high school (1971). I used to drive around with that song blaring out of my speakers of my 8 track player.  Yeah, I'm old. I would love to go back to that time again, just for one day. It was a fun time with the culture changing but unfortunately,it was over shadowed by the Vietnam war and the threat of being drafted. My draft number was 120 and they drafted through the 90's and then President Nixon started pulling troops out of Vietnam.  Lee Michaels also did a great version of "Stormy Monday".  After those two releases we never heard much from Lee Michaels again.