In 1972 I was all about this album from Montrose. I must have worn out a few 8 track tapes listening in my car. I had a 1970 Firebird and would just hit the highway with Montrose blasting from my speakers. The band consisted of lead singer Sammy Hagar, then known as Sam Hagar, Ronnie Montrose on guitar, Bill Church on bass and Denny Carmassi on drums. Ronnie Montrose was a successful session musician before Montrose and appeared on Van Morrison's "Tupelo Honey" and Edgar Winter's hit "Frankenstein". And we all know about Sammy Hagar's great solo career before joining Van Halen in 1985. I still think Van Halen became a more polished band with Sammy. The song writing for sure got better. I always like to tell the story of Sammy at Moondance a few years ago. A storm had passed through late on a Saturday and the stage was damaged. The first to bands scheduled play just showed up, got their check and left. Sammy showed up and offered to play in the bar and it was great.