Happy Birthday, Pat Travers. I had the pleasure of seeing the Pat Travers Band multiple times while l was working in Orlando, Florida.  Never disappointed and he always had the club rockin'. Back when I would go see them the band was made up of Pat Travers (guitar,vocals), Jerry Riggs (guitar), Mars (bass), who just recently passed and Tommy Aldredge.(drums) who later played with Whitesnake. Pat's biggest hit, of course, was "Boom, Boom Out Go the Lights". Pat who was also an Orlando resident, would quite often be out and about in the local club scene and would often jam with whatever band was performing that night.  Two years ago, I got the chance to see him for the first time in a long time. The band was playing an afternoon show at Moondance and for a mid afternoon show they pulled a pretty good crowd. In my opinion they should have been headlining at night. Like I said, The Pat Travers Band never disappoints and they give every show everything they have. If you ever have the opportunity, go see The Pat Travers Band. Live rock at it's best.