On kind of a gloomy Wednesday this selection from Pink Floyd seemed appropriate. "Shine On You Crazy Diamond was recorded for Floyd's concept album "Wish You Were Here".  The song is a tribute to former Floyd member Syd Barrett, who had left the band earlier due to mental issues. David Gilmore recalls recording the song when one day this guy walks into the studio and sits in the corner. Every once in a while he would get up and brush his teeth or do other strange things. Eventually, Gilmore and Waters figured out it was Syd Barrett.  He had gained a lot of weight and shaved his head and eyebrows. Waters and Gilmore both stated he was unrecognizable. They also thought it was weird that Syd should show up on the day they were doing "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", a tribute to Syd. This was the first time they had seen Syd in over two years.