Great Stone's tune in The Attic this morning. A couple of different stories behind the meaning of "Let It Bleed". One story is that while Mick was trying to get the drum track just right, Keith's fingers started to bleed from all the takes they took to record the song. Another is a drug reference. Drug reference in a song by the Rolling Stones, yeah, go figure. "Let It Bleed" was said to reference finding a vein before shooting up. A user would insert the needle and pull back the plunger. If blood appeared, they had found a vein. Ian Stewart, known as the sixth Stone, plays piano on this track. Ian Stewart is also the inspiration behind Zeppelin's ."Boogie With Stu". He never was recognized as an official Rolling Stone, allegedly because he was too ugly. Ouch!  The album "Let It Bleed" was recorded after the death of Brian Jones and before Mick Taylor had joined the band. Thus, Keith played both acoustic and electric slide guitar on the track. "Let It Bleed" is also the only Stone's Album to have a title track.