Every Morning at around 9:35 we do The Attic. The theme behind The Attic is music I may have listened to back in the day , while hanging out in The Attic. In The Attic, was great music, maybe a mood enhancer or two and always a good vibe. This morning in The Attic we featured Santana live from Woodstock. Santana was called on to perform earlier than scheduled and the band had just ingested some LSD when they were called on to take the stage earlier than planned. Carlos later said it was very scary because he couldn't feel his fingers. When you watch the video check out the drummer, can't remember his name, but he is feeling no pain. Carlos Santana has had a long and very successful career. He's not afraid to change things up and it's all about the music with Carlos. Still on my bucket list to see live, here's Santana.