I still kick myself for not seeing Steely Dan live when I had several chances. Steely Dan is still performing but it's not the real thing without Walter Becker.You just never know when it'll be too late. It's happened to me many times with other artists. I had a chance to see Elvis,for FREE, by the way.  Didn't go. Thought I'd just catch him next time but soon after Elvis passed. Joe Cocker is another example. Next time, I told myself. Well there are no more next times. This not only applies to artists that you may or may not have missed. Your family and friends are others that you may use the "next time" excuse. Nothing and I mean nothing is guaranteed in this life, so I guess, a good policy would be not to pass on events with family and friends. Any one of us can be here today and gone tomorrow. Anyway, felt like some Steely Dan in The Attic this morning.