Okay, we are all waiting for this Spring thing to finally happen. Once we get through March, we fully expect to get some kind of Spring weather, right?  Seems Mother Nature has a different idea this year. There have been worse Springs in the past. I remember where I lived in 1997, we had a very snowy Winter. I think the snowfall was close to one hundred and twenty inches. I think it snowed every day. Finally April came but, unfortunately so did another two feet of snow. So, I lived through that Winter and so called Spring but that doesn't mean I had to like it. Oh, and yeah, I'm going to bitch about it. Spring is kind of my carrot on a stick to get me through the Winter. So, when it doesn't show up it can suck. You attitude, patience and over all mood can be down in the dumps just waiting for the Spring thing to happen. So, in The Attic, Stevie Ray Vaughan' "Couldn't Stand the Weather". Enjoy!