One of my all time favorite artists in The Attic this morning. Stevie Ray Vaughan live. I was lucky enough to see Stevie in concert a few times and it was unbelievably great. You watch him play and it's almost as if the music is coming right through him. The first time I saw Stevie in concert, myself and some other radio station people went backstage to what can only be described as a classic rock star party. Booze, drugs, topless women and all that makes a rock star party. A year or so later I heard Stevie was coming back to town, so I'm thinking "Great, another stellar party". Well, I was wrong. I had no idea that Stevie had gone through rehab and straightened his life up. This time when we went backstage there was a big bowl of fruit and a barrel of iced down bottled water. Like all Stevie Ray fans, I was in total shock when I heard of Stevie's untimely death. His music lives on.  Enjoy the video.